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Halloween had always acquired mythical proportions on my mind: as a Mediterranean, I would celebrate the Carnival in February/March, a festivity that emphasises colours, happiness, dress-up and food. However, the spookiness that Halloween involves aroused my goth instincts and the elaborate makeup and scary costumes attracted my like bees to honey.

Tim Burton also contributed to this fantasy:

Needless to say, I find Jack sexy in a very creepy way.

So, yesterday, despite my low energy levels and my general moodiness (well! it kind of fits the day anyway…), I carved pumpkins with friends and attended a house party. No dressing-up for me this year. Next year though I may think about it.

Mother pumpkin, father pumpkin, angry teenager pumpkin and their dog. Good times!

I learned what an angry dragon is and how to kill a man by punching him in the nose. Useful stuff.