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Elpiniki is 24 years old and lives in Athens. She has graduated from the University of Athens and is a journalism intern.

  1. How do you personally experience the financial crisis?

    Personally it stresses me out, I feel insecure and I cannot decide what I want to do with my life….

  2. What is the psychological impact on Greeks?

    I image that most people feel like insecure, just like I do, and in general they feel like everything is left “up in the air”. There is nothing worse than that. But we never lose our smile even when we are in bad condition.

  3. How much are people to blame and how much the politicians for the situation?

    They are all to blame in their own way. To me they all share almost an equal portion of the blame. According to a saying, the people have the governments they deserve.

  4. What is your opinion on the relation between politics and economy?

    They are interwoven, but why? Simply because one cannot be without the other… a politician cannot talk about politics if he doesn’t have a programme of financial policy. The economy is, was and always will be an inseparable part of politics.

  5. What is your opinion on corruption?Corruption?

    Oh please, how could you think that??????? A roman soldier in ancient Greece (if I’m not mistaken) had written that somewhere that one can only control Greeks if they bribe them.

  6. What is the role of the country in the European Union and the Eurozone?

    If I open my mouth I’ll say a lot of things… Greece, in my humble opinion, entered in order not to ask from Germany the compensations [for Greek victims of the Second Wold War]. And they should quit with the whole discussion of false financial data.

  7. Do foreigners have a clear image of the situation in Greece?

    No, I don’t think so… they do know a few things but I guess we get very passionate with the whole situation. There are a few though that support us. Media in this case is a primary factor because for better or worse they form opinions and create impressions.

  8. Will the change of Prime Minster improve the country’s position?

    They mentality in general needs to change… there are only a few people who can serve society and everybody else is £$%@&…

  9. In which ways should the Greek system change?

    I don’t think we’ll see any improvement if no “new blood” that has fresh ideas and abstains from clientelism enters politics.

  10. Will this ordeal have any positive outcomes for the political, social or economic situation of Greece?

    From where should I start????? From whenever you start there is a problem. One can only move forward if relying on people of trust. It is best to start from the tidying up of the major issues… if this happens, then we have achieved something. It is like a house where the landlord doesn’t own but even if he owns, he knows how to handle the matter with the bank. Education plays a very important role as well as security. A citizen needs to feel that his country is safe and secure. History has shown that when you reach the bottom, you then go high…. The question here is if we have actually reached the bottom. Mark my words, the outcome will be bad. I know I sound ridiculous to some… we will soon have war…. when people are hungry they don’t care about anything…

  11. Are you afraid of what the future holds?

    If I am afraid of what the future holds? To say “no” would be a lie. To say “yes” would also be a lie. What I can tell you though is that I am really looking forward to it.