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Time and time again I thought about returning here, to my old blog. However, daily tasks, procrastination and other concerns have prevented me from doing so. Hopefully, this won’t be a hello and goodbye. Hopefully, with a little discipline, I will get to share once again with whoever would like to listen, my thoughts and interests.

Epik High is one of the newest ones. A few days ago, as I was digging through Tablo’s solo material, I discovered a song of haunting beauty. It is the story of a man experiencing heart-rending pain and to cope with it, he enshrouds himself in a protective cocoon of sadness. His self-imposed isolation shields him from the malice of the world, yet at the same time feeds the pain in his already vulnerable soul.

PS. If you have some free time, please visit Oblamov’s Sofa. It is the blog of a sharp, wise, eloquent, gifted young woman who has recently departed from this world to go help the stars shine brighter at night.