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A IT worker for the government has become the first Indian to win the Indian edition of the quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire?”. Sushil Kumar won INR 5 crore. I cannot accurately calculate in pounds, as Indians have their own numeric system, but I can assure you it’s a lot of money. The man is planning to pay off his farmer parents’ debts, help his five siblings to start small businesses and build a library to his hometown. He also plans to build his dream home and leave there happily with his wife of four months, Seema. He also wants to quit his job and prepare for the civil service exams.

If I had won all these money, I would be smiling too 😀

First of all, congratulations to this fantastic man who has proven himself smart, lucky and cool-headed. Furthermore, he should also be congratulated for wanting to build a library for his community to be benefited. Hopefully, he will keep away the usual lackeys, yes-men and other parasites. It is also honorable of his part to help his family and to want to use the money to improve his career.

However, the guy is no slumdog, as some international media called him. In no country on planet earth an IT would be given such a characterisation. He looks more like an urban middle class professional struggling to climb up the social ladder. Slumdog Millionaire was a huge success a few years ago and the reference in the articles’ titles seems like a funky idea, but it is actually quite sensationalist, misleading, stereotypical and unnecessary.

Hopefully Mr Kumar will remain the bright and aware young man that he seems to be, will make the best of his earnings and will enjoy a happy and prosperous life with people that truly care for him and love him.